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Top most festival Products FMCG consumers search today

World Wide 
Festive Trends Decoded

What Indian festive consumers seek
Generic keywords related to festival shopping such
as sale, discount, offers, cheap, deals and near me
had average MoM uplifts of +19% last October


High Demand FMCG Products to Sell

Interest in apparel, accessories, and jewelry typically shows noticeable growth trends. In , the festival season category saw a MoM growth of +8% in searches and +3% in clicks


Mobile phones



Consumer electronics




Fashion accessories

Beauty products

Computer accessories and software

Toys and games

Personal hygiene essentials


Home decor items


Household appliances

Sporting goods

Fitness equipment


Convenience foods

Health supplements

Customized gifts :Being a time for giving presents to friends and family, the festive season sees people showing great interest in gifting and flowers. During the festive season, the category saw
a boost of +35% in searches and +42% in clicks, which continued to rise until December that year.

New Cars and Motorbikes,

Every year, the festive season brings with it an enthusiasm
for buying new cars and motorbikes, and searches for these products peak during key periods, the category saw a +12% increase in searches, which grew until New Year. The festive and year-end sales clearly drive this interest.


It is evident that the festive season is a time to spark joy among high-intent consumers. With an understanding of your audience and how they behave within and outside the search ecosystem,
thoughtful messaging, compelling visuals, and strategic adoption of solutions tailored to your brand and category, you can win over consumers who seek to buy.

Most Demanded Products World Wide: Best Products to Sell Online


The decline in sales of entry-level products is primarily due to upgrading by FMCG companies

Premium, mid-end products lift festive sale spirit amid inflation woes.
“Overall mid and premium product sales have done well this festive season. The mid and premium segment has witnessed around 30 per cent volume growth at and value growth between 40 to 50 per cent this festive season. 



Dresses constitute the largest segment of all products sold online in India. Close to 35% of the total revenue generated from online sales comes from apparel and dress materials. Apparels include ladies’ clothes, men’s clothing, and children’s dresses. Fashion houses are pouring in their catalogues online and giving discounts around the year to attract more customers. Be it a fad, niche or haute couture, there’s something for everyone online. 

Mobile Phones

Cell-Phone and fmcg sales online

Mobile phones are trendy items for sale on eCommerce sites. All brands and models available in the open market are also sold online. For buyers, it is easy to compare models online before buying a handset of choice. As of July 2022, 600 million smartphones were sold across India, making it one of the most demanded products in India. Rising disposable income, cheaper internet, and the need to always stay connected with each other have driven the smartphone market in India.



Buying a book could be time-consuming if purchased from an offline store. It is both easier and cheaper for a buyer to locate a seller of their selected titles across eCommerce sites. Educational, fictional, and reference books from Indian and overseas publishers are available across eCommerce sites. During the pandemic, DIY, self-help, and motivational book sales saw a sharp increase.



Since the lockdown, many brands have started selling stationery online. You can sell customized, print-on-demand, and quirky stationery online that otherwise is not common in shops. Office supplies and stationery have considerably increased as companies open their doors after a break of almost two years.

Consumer Electronics


The festive season is when the demand for home appliances is high, and brands have them on sale. This rise in interest reflects in search as well. During Festival Celebrations,
the category saw a tremendous growth of +29% in searches and +59% in clicks

A Guide to Festival
Season Digital Marketing


eCommerce sites are excellent platforms for buying/selling consumer electronic goods like televisions, refrigerators, home theatres, digital cameras etc. By 2025 India is expected to become the world’s 5th largest consumer durable market. With newer models and IoT-enabled consumer electronics on the rise, the demand for these products has increased.



Online is perhaps the best place to search and buy footwear. The varieties are exhaustive and include shoes, slippers, sandals, and sneakers for both women and men. People get to choose among leading brands from across the world. You can browse the latest footwear collection online and find for yourself a pair that is a perfect mix of style, comfort, and quality. You can choose from various brands. There is a  vast collection available online. You can choose from a pair of oxfords or monk straps from the men’s collection or smart stilettos, wedges, peep-toes, ballerinas, and more from women’s footwear online.



Buying exclusive jewelry items is often a challenging task when bought across counters. From handmade to antique, lacquer to Meenakari, there are multiple styles of jewelry that customers can purchase online. The process of selecting preferred items and buying from global leaders is done conveniently through eCommerce websites. 

Fashion Accessories


Fashion accessories are a popular product category sold online after jewelry items. Belts, handbags, purses, wallets, headbands, scrunchies and watches are widely bought online by Indians. Customers also like to purchase fad fashion accessories like scrunchies, chokers, midi rings, and tattoo sleeves online. These products, too, are amongst the most demanded products in India, especially when it comes to the young generation of consumers.

Beauty Products

Beauty and Personal Care items in India experience significant boosts, aligning with shopping and
festive periods. Festival Celebrations had this category seeing a surge of +21% in searches and +13% in


Skincare products like creams, lotion, face masks, moisturizers, and perfumes are demanded items sold online. Haircare products like gel, cream, color, shampoo, dryers, etc., are hot-selling products sold on eCommerce sites. Cruelty-free products and skin-friendly cosmetics are growing in popularity among users.

Computer Accessories & Software 

Consumers seek great deals on consumer electronics during the festive season, which results
in a huge spike in interest during this period. Festival Season  had this category seeing a rise of
+30% in searches and +13% in clicks.


Desktops, disk drives, printers, scanners, mice, and switches are computing devices and accessories popular in online stores. The market’s leading brands are available to customers at hugely discounted prices. Portable storage devices, data card readers, laptop covers, webcams and other desktop products are also popular online.

Toys and Games


Online sites are a paradise for kids’ toys. Be it traditional games like Snakes-N-Ladders, scrabble, or the latest remote-controlled cars and helicopters, e Stores offer every toy of your choice. From educational toys to Lego sets and mechanical toys to plush toys for babies – there is something for everyone. And it’s not just for kids; toys are available for everyone. You can get NERF guns and robotics kits and discover a vast collection of fun and fascinating toys for all age groups online.

Personal Hygiene Essentials 


The pandemic has affected our consumer purchase behavior. Over the last few years, personal hygiene essentials that customers may have once picked off in physical stores are now increasingly searched online. Further, the pandemic has led to an increased focus on personal hygiene, which began with a spike in demand for sanitizers, face masks, disinfectants, surface cleaners, hand washes etc. Additionally, feminine menstrual hygiene has gathered greater attention, with more women switching to reusable products like menstrual cups, reusable cloth pads etc.


Home Décor Items

The festive season is when the demand for home
appliances is high, and brands have them on sale. This
rise in interest reflects in search as well. In October 2022,
the category saw a tremendous growth of +29% in
searches and +59% in clicks


Home Décor is one of the fastest-growing segments in the eCommerce market and among the most demanded products in India. With more disposable income and an eye for high-lifestyle products, Indians are more inclined toward home décor items. Drapes, cushion covers, furnishings, flower vases, table mats, tea coasters, rugs, carpets, wall hangings, and so on are available in online stores.



Online marketplaces are widely used to buy kitchenware like utensils, crockery, cutlery, storage jars, etc. Influencers and celebrity chefs have their lines of kitchenware that people can buy online. Oven-safe and highly heat-resistant kitchen wares have become more popular among homemakers for their utility and durability.

Household Appliances

In the quest for novelty during the festive season, consumers often revamp their home décor and furnishing. There is, therefore, a natural rise in online interest. In the Festival Season, the category saw a growth of +19% in searches and +37% in clicks month-on-month.


This category of goods, including burners, microwave ovens, pressure cookers, washing machines, electric irons, kettles, rice cookers, induction plates, etc., is popular online. White goods are popular online as huge discounts often entice consumers to purchase these products.

Sporting Goods 


Not just traditional sports, Indians are increasingly inclined toward sports like javelin, discus throwing, boxing, skating and rollerblading. Cricket bats, tennis and badminton rackets, football and basketballs, carrom boards, football boots, cricket gear, hockey sticks, and so on are readily available online. Everything is available online, from swimwear to fencing gloves, from curling brooms to cornhole bags. One just needs to wish for what they want, and they will have it.

Fitness Equipment


The pandemic saw a rise in home workouts. Customers bought fitness equipment like weights, dumbbells and stretch bands. These commodities have a lot of demand and hence a lot of online buyers. People who could not go to the gym during the pandemic bought exercise equipment online. Since then, a lot of customers have shopped for fitness equipment online. Exercise bikes, home gyms, ellipticals, treadmills, and Ohio bars are all top-rated among fitness enthusiasts.

Convenience Foods 

The festive season and the vacations that come with it usually create a need for stocking up groceries and household supplies to prepare great meals and treats. This leads to a surge in interest during this period. The Festival Season saw this category saw a +20% rise in searches.


The fast lifestyle has propelled Indian consumers to look for easy food to cook and eat. Ready-mixes and pre-cooked meals are becoming seemingly the most demanded products in India because of their popularity among Gen-Z and millennials. With limited time and resources on their hands, convenience foods are marketed not just by online businesses but also by hyperlocal delivery businesses that operate out of dark stores.  

Health Supplements

 Festival Season is never complete without food. The rise in consumer interest in this category is always expected. In the Festival Celebration, the category saw a growth of +8% in searches and +4% in clicks month-on-month.

Most Ridiculous Business Names Ever

A recent addition to online supplies is health supplements. Changing life patterns have prompted many Indians to opt for health supplements, triggering increased demand for such items. Gluten-free, antioxidant-rich, vegan health supplements are becoming increasingly popular. E-Retailers sell superfoods like nuts and seeds, calorie-rich protein bars and nutritional supplements for health lovers. eCommerce sites are the best option for buying such products.  

Customized Gifts


India’s gifting industry has seen massive growth over the past decade due to easier accessibility, quick fulfillment, and rising income levels and aspirations. Working professionals and millennials seek customized gifts due to the ease of purchase and the sentimental value of personalized gifts. There is a substantial range of personalized gifting products, including jewelry, clothing, photo frames, mugs, flowers, and plants. Marketers also target corporates that play a crucial role in the gifting segment – likely leading to repeat bulk orders. 


Best Consumer Products To Sell At Fairs and Festivals

Once you know you’re following all the rules and laws, and have the proper permits, the possibilities are endless for products you can sell or services you can offer:

Items festival-goers may need at the event:


Bug repellant


Rain jackets/ponchos




Lawn chairs


Thermos/to-go mugs

Offer services:

Face painting


Balloon animals

Phone charging station


Photo booth


Food and drink items


Handheld items/finger foods always do well so people can walk and eat





Home decor







eCommerce business in India is thriving, and newer items are added to the list of commodities every day. With an ever-expanding list of products, it’s time to sell to a niche audience. We hope with this list of best-selling products online, you will gather ideas and start your online business quickly.

Choosing The Best Product Category To Boost Your Sales This Festive Season


“There’s a big opportunity for businesses to really grow their technology capability but also to track the upside into the customers and into the customer experience. Now is a good time to restructure your business – and do it, anchoring it in a digital ‘customer first’ approach.”


Uniqueness definitely sets a product apart from the rest. To make something the best selling product online or offline, you must discover the unique selling aspect of the product. What makes them unique and gives them the hook over the others?



Demand is a key element driving product circulation with the potential to manifest into the fast selling products in India online or offline. For instance, the sale of sanitizers and face masks skyrocketed during the initial COVID lock phase, making them trending products in India at that time.



The utility is extremely important in identifying the most demanded products in India. If a product has no use value, then it’s likely to fail.


Satisfies need

To transform any product into the most demanded products in India, ensure it satisfies consumer needs. Utility, demand, and need satisfaction go hand in hand. In demand products often become the fast selling products in India become of the needs they satisfy.

Difficult to find

If something is not easy to find offline and online, its rareness can make it into high demand products to sell. If you are the sole vendor of any hard-to-find item, you will make a fortune selling it. Remember how grocery items became scarce when people went to the hyper-buying phase to stock up on inventory during the lockdown phases?


Niche product

Niche products have the potential to become the most demanded items in India. As the number of socially aware, responsible, and health conscious individuals is increasing cruelty free, vegan, and clean beauty are becoming best selling products in India in the cosmetics sector.


Along with needs satisfaction, demand, and utility, the simplicity of the products also determines whether they will enter the list of trending products in India. If a product is simple to use and assemble and less complex in application, it can acquire the interest of a larger demography.



The crucial determining factor in narrowing down the best product to sell online or offline is the price. Even if you have simple, in demand products with high utility, they won’t do you any good if the price is too steep. Pricing is very crucial when it comes to any product. If you aim too high, you may lose the market, and if you aim too low, you can barely make any profit.


Top Trending Consumer Products World Wide

We have a list of the most demanded products in India to help you decide. Whether you are looking to start a dropshipping business or open an online business, knowing the products to sell can come in handy. Let’s take a look!


Smartwatches are, without a doubt, the most demanded products in India. Whether it’s work from home set up or on-site job, missing work-related notifications, personal reminders, and event updates cannot fly! Smartwatches make the life of every working professional easy while commuting and multitasking.


  Air Purifiers

Pure air has become a luxury in most cities and highly populated regions. Therefore, air purifiers are the most demanded products in India. If you are looking for a new addition to your online/ offline or to update your product catalogue, air purifiers are high demand products to sell, especially in cities like Delhi.

Here’s a list of the best air purifiers to help you pick.

    Fitness Equipment

With the ideas of fitness and healthy living deeply dissolved in society, fitness equipment has become one of the top online selling products in India. Working out from home has become a common thing. Moreover, less bulky items like resistance bands, dumbbells, jump ropes, exercise balls, etc., are a part of most individuals’ fitness supply.

Check out our wholesale gym equipment store and get a great deal on bulk orders on Amazon Business.



Indians cannot do without tea. They are always hunting for the best tea for daily chai time. It’s one of the best products to sell online. India is world second largest tea producer in the world, listing tea among the most selling products in India. From green tea, flower tea, cinnamon tea, herbal to masala tea, there’s a wide variety of tea and tea drinkers out there.


If you are looking for small business ideas, try candle making or selling. Not only are they profitable, but they are popular products in India to sell. Candles could be the perfect addition to your little online/ offline store, and their sale increases, especially around holidays and festivals.

    Clothing & Apparels

One thing that would never go out of demand is clothing! They are one of the most selling products in India. Especially with players like Myntra, Amazon, Meesho, etc., clothing and apparel are available to people at affordable rates and quick delivery. Check out our amazon clothing store online. We pack everything under one umbrella!

Clothing & Apparels

Another good option to sell products online is jewelry. One of the most demanded products in Indian among women. Now, the customized jewelry market has grabbed the attention of men as well. Whether gold, silver, platinum, or diamond, you could never go wrong with it.

Check out our massive collection of online jewelry for inspiration:

 Bluetooth Speaker

A must-have mobile accessory that everyone carries around- Bluetooth speaker. Not only is it among the most demanded products in India, but in the US also. Online streaming platforms, web browsing, and OTT platforms have accelerated the sale of Bluetooth speakers. Check out the best Bluetooth speakers to own for personal or office use.

 Health Supplements

Another major consequence of the existing pandemic was the increased sale of health supplements. People started taking precautionary measures seriously and deep-dived into improving their health, thereby making health supplements one of the best products to sell online.


Power Banks

Power banks have become a necessity and one of the high demand products to sell. People cannot risk losing the power on their smartphones, smartwatches, or laptops when they are constantly moving and commuting. Power banks pack a powerhouse to charge their devices quickly without a wall outlet! Read our blog to discover the best power banks in India.

 Wireless Chargers

With so many devices people own, charging them simultaneously becomes a hassle with tangled wires and multiple outlets. Now, with wireless chargers, you don’t have to untangle the mess to charge your devices. According to a survey, 66% of individuals use wireless chargers at home.


Home Supplements

Every Indian household has the must-needed ingredient from a quick home remedy, which is why home supplements are among the most demanded products in India. If your business orientation leans towards introducing a line of home supplements, steer ahead with it. They are the best products to sell online and a perfect niche product to explore.


  Nowadays, it’s hard to spot people without headphones, whether wired or wireless. It’s one of the best products to sell online that appeals to a diverse demographic. Every working adult, college/ school student, teacher, or other professional all walk around with headphones or earphones. Check out the best earphones with mic to sell online or in store.


 Coffee Machine

Most of us cannot do without our morning coffee to kickstart our day. Every office has one facilitating snack time conversations at the office pantry. Coffee machines are also very common in households of all working adults who need the waking up. They are one of the best business investments to go, as the love for coffee will not die. Amazon Business has all range of coffee machines for you to choose from and our online pantry products for munch time.

 Air Fryers

Air fryers are increasingly becoming one of the most demanded products in Indian households. The city lifestyle invites a lot of health issues and concerns. Cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, etc., are becoming common among young adults. Airy fryers can reduce the fat content by a significant amount helping you to enjoy guilt free snacks or food at home.

Get your hands on the wide variety of air fryers from our online store:

Air Fryers

Footwears are a necessity and will always be the most demanded products in India or elsewhere. The online and offline market for footwear is always in demand. They appeal to universal consumer demography. With the right brand pool and quality products, an offline/ online footwear store could prove ideal for your business expansion. Check out our massive online collection of footwear.


Kitchenware will always be in demand products for families, adults living alone, college students, etc. You can find utensils, cookware, storage containers, and other kitchen essentials on Amazon Business for wholesale and personal use. From luxury kitchenware to everyday use, we have it all. Our cleaning products would be handy for cleaning up your kitchen mess after every encounter.


  Water Bottles

Water bottles will never go out of style; they may evolve in design and technology but will always be around. Smart water bottles are a new addition in this evolution for you to try.


Face Masks

Face masks are almost a necessity after the outbreak of Covid-19. Buying face masks in bulk for low prices is easy online. Therefore, people purchase face masks online.


One of the main reasons people prefer buying bicycles online is the price. Bicycles are available on manufacturer websites and other e-commerce platforms for lower prices compared to retail stores.


 Medical Equipment

Medical supplies are also garnering attention for purchase online. Many doctors, healthcare workers, nursing homes, hospitals and common people are now interested in purchasing medical products online. This is because you may compare medical supplies and equipment costs online and buy them at lower prices. After all, many suppliers sell medical supplies there.

Online vendors always offer deals and discounts to attract loyal clients. When you purchase medical supplies online, you can see many products at once and make your selections in any quantity. Check out our online medical supply store and get amazing discounts on bulk orders.


  Hand Sanitizers

Hygiene, health, and safety are central to the post-Covid 19 era. In particular, practice of excellent hand hygiene has become crucial. People are stocking on hand sanitizers because it is a quick and simple way to keep one’s hands clean and free of germs.

People are opting to purchase hand sanitizers online because it allows the convenience of ordering from home and are available at low prices. Online shopping is the best option for buying large quantities of ethyl alcohol-based hand sanitizers or small-pocket hand sanitizers.



People are buying gloves online because it is readily available, offer discounted prices, and they can enjoy the convenience of doorstep delivery.


Beauty Products

Online stores have brought international beauty brands at affordable prices to Indians with the convenience of doorstep delivery and window shopping. People can window shop for hours without keeping anyone waiting and enjoy comparative analysis, reviews, etc. Our extensive range of beauty products would come in handy. Check it out!


People are moving to online shopping when it comes to shoes because of the prices, various shoe types and additional discount rates. They now have the option to browse through different brands, check out the various sizes and get their favorite shoes delivered to their doorstep.


 Office Supplies

Consumers now have the added advantage of cutting the overhead prices of office supplies when purchasing online. They can compare the various features of different brands and buy their favorite products without offending anyone. Amazon Business is your procurement solution for all office supplies. Our extensive online office supply checks off most requirements for your professional space and supply needs.

  Security Systems

Security systems have become a must in the risk society we all live in. The urge to protect our loved ones and assets is normal for every individual. The online market for purchasing security systems like CCTV cameras online is vast, with numerous brands available. Competitive prices and discounts, along with real-time customer testimonials, make buying security systems online a real bargain and great deals!



Online stores provide the convenience of millions of books brought together under one roof. Customers don’t have to walk from shelf to shelf to pick out their favorite books. When books are categorized into genres with reviews and ratings from other book lovers, customers are bound to make a purchase with peace of mind. Moreover, discounts and competitive prices are available online. With Kindle, customers are given a choice to purchase E-books which does reading and buying both convenient at a tap.



The use value of furniture will hardly go down. Every space, whether office, home, school, or religious institution, requires furniture. Any workspace cannot do without a few necessary pieces of furniture like office chairs, tables, side tables, storage boxes, cupboards, etc. At Amazon Business, you can procure all under one umbrella. You could also start a personalized furniture business or resell or dropship furniture.


Best Products to Sell Online  

LED Lights

LED lights are one of the best products to sell online. Most people now use LED lights in homes and office spaces. Did you know the LED light market is one of India’s most lucrative industries from a business perspective? The need for LED lights has increased with the growing technology. They offer convenience and add to the decor of your space. This is why the LED market is booming, and so many new manufacturers have entered this cutthroat sector. This is also one of the most demanded products in India.

LED Lights


 Jewelry & Fashion Accessories

Jewelry continues to be a great product to sell online if you’re asking which product has the most significant profit margin. It is one of the most demanded products in India. Fashion accessories are excellent as they are incredibly portable, simple to store (even at home), and easy to ship. Additionally, retailers have an incredible opportunity to increase their profit margins by selling jewelry online. These are also some of the best products to sell online.

As there is always someone to buy jewelry for or an occasion that calls for a particular item, it also benefits from year-round interest.



Selling creative or personalized mugs is a terrific way to earn money, and you can start a profitable mug business with hard work and ingenuity. These are some of the best selling products online. Tea and coffee lovers are always looking for new and fresh-looking mugs that can add sparkle to their breaks. Personalized mugs make for a great gift! That’s why a mug-selling business is very profitable and one of the best products to sell online.


T-shirts & Hoodies

The market for T-shirts and hoodies is global. They will always be in demand as essential clothing. T-shirts and hoodies offer a potent medium for expressing oneself through humor, art, motivational quotes, company swag, fan gear, or something else entirely. It is one of the most demanded products in India. Additionally, they can be used as artistic canvases in different ways. Regardless of how many T-shirts and hoodie goods are available, there is always room for innovation and reinvention.


Electronic Appliances

Electronic appliances are one of the best products to sell online. Gone are the days when people went to stores for electronic appliances. Though many still do it, the online world has opened up a new way to purchase electronic items rights from Television, Washing Machines, Water Purifiers, Air Fryers, Vacuum Cleaners, dishwashers, Refrigerators, Mobile PhonesSmart WatchesLaptopsPrinters, Air Conditioners, Air Purifiers, ProjectorsWiFi Routers, Home Theatre Systems, Bluetooth SpeakersEarphones, Microwaves, etc.

Customers can compare various products against brands, prices, reviews, etc., at one tap. This automatically becomes a much more convenient option! Plus, the big discounts on the products make the difference! These are also some of the most demanded products in India.


Kitchen Gadgets

Right from Ladell, woks, pans, plates, ladles to electronic kitchen appliances like coffee makers, air fryers, microwaves, induction cooktops, etc., online platforms are the go-to forums for buyers! These are some of the most demanded products in India. The convenience of real-time offers, affordable prices, doorstep delivery, etc., makes it the more attractive option. They are also some of the best products to sell online.



Smart Home Products

Nowadays, almost every home appliance you can imagine comes in a smart version. These items typically have an internet connection with an accompanying app to control them. Most also support various voice control techniques. You can create routines to configure your gadgets to cooperate and carry out tasks at once using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, such as adjusting the lighting and thermostat when you return home. These are among our fast selling products in India.

Buy the best quality smart home products like Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo Dot, WiFi Routers, CCTV Cameras, WiFi Smart Door Sensors, WiFi-enabled LED Lights, WiFi Range extenders, etc., for the best prices and huge discounts only on Amazon Business.



Social media influencers offer on-spot links to the artistic and stationary items they use in their videos, customers are bound to buy them. This makes online platforms the best place to buy stationery items. These are some of the most popular products in India for most working adults, and students, and they are ideal for a work-from-home set up.


Furniture & Home Décor

You may get a wide variety of things when you search for furniture online. Everything is available online, including study tables, pillow covers, chairs and tableware, all in trendy patterns, including sofa sets. They are one of the best selling products in India. You will find it easier to choose and make decisions about things that fit your intended budget range and have the exact appearance you want. What else? The customer service team will be available to assist you around the clock to address your questions. These are also some of the most demanded products in India.

Buy the best quality furniture and home decor accessories for affordable prices only on Amazon Business!


Baby Products

People love shopping for baby products online! This is because shopping online saves time and allows you to browse multiple options! Parents can buy whatever they want with just a tap of the finger. These are some of the best products to sell online. Also, these are one of the top online selling products in India.

  Personal Hygiene Products

Personal hygiene products are a regular requirement. Therefore, customers look for time-saving and affordable options. These are also some of the most demanded products in India. This need makes online shopping the go-to place for customers, and that’s why personal hygiene products are one of the most sought-after products online.        


How to Sell Products Online in India

If you want an answer to the question of how to sell products online in India, you have come to the right place! Here are the five basic steps to follow:

How to Sell Products Online in India

 Choose a Product

If you plan to sell online, the first thing you want to do is to choose what to sell. Take inspiration from the list of items we have listed for you if you consider selling online.


Study the Market

Once you have chosen the product, you need to study the market trends for the product. Check the product’s demand and supply levels, competition, sale predictions, etc., to get an overall gist. Since your goal is to profit from the sale, select a product that is best suited to your vision.     


 Calculate Shipping Cost

Once your market research is completed, find out how much it will cost to ship your item to various locations in India by visiting your local courier or shipping business. List the states and the shipping cost. Depending on the good’s size and weight, this cost typically ranges from 5% to 15% of the product’s price.

fmcg salesmans-skills-traits-infographic-scaled.

Build your Brand

When you choose a product, make sure it reflects your brand voice, goals and vision. The more your product sells online, the better brand recognition you will have. So, if you want to build your brand presence online, offer discounts, warranty, price drops, etc.       


Choose a Platform

The last and most important step is choosing the right platform to sell your products. If you want sales and profit, choosing a platform connecting you to people across the nation would be the right choice.


Advantages of Selling Online

If you are confused about opening a retail store or selling online, look no further! Here are the top 3 benefits of selling online that will change your life!

Advantages of Selling Online

 You can Sell Faster

Selling online is a great option since it allows customers to check out your products without wasting time. All they need is a mobile or a laptop, and they can instantly browse an online store and find your product. Selling your products online on platforms like Amazon Business will help your sales increase rampantly.


 Saves Costs

Selling online will help you save a lot on costs. Many sellers shell out a lot of money to maintain a physical business. Expenses like rent merchandise, maintenance, salary to workers, etc., may take a massive chunk of their earnings. Selling online, therefore, becomes the most cost-effective way to grow your business!


Extensive Customer Reach

With an online selling business, you can reach customers who may never visit your physical store. With a good E-commerce platform, you can reach out to millions of customers who may love your product.

Cobranding Digital-Masters-Summit

Start Selling Online on Amazon Business

If you are convinced that online selling is the most affordable and beneficial option, Amazon Business will assist you in making your business dreams come true! Start selling online on Amazon Business for the best customer reach, sales and profit margin! Moreover, you can expand your business!


What Makes Amazon Business the Best Place to Sell Your Products?

Amazon Business is the best place to sell your products because of its global presence and amazing customer reach. Millions of customers in India and across the globe trust Amazon business for quality service, the best customer care, doorstep delivery and more! Moreover, Amazon Business is the most trusted E-commerce platform for sellers because of the tax input claims and GST benefits! Register with Amazon Business today.


Tail Piece    

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Team DigitalGumma

A Professional Team Of Over 25 years of experience in Sales & Marketing operations, Channel (Direct & Indirect) Development and Distribution, and Key Account Management in the FMCG Sector. AREAS OF EXPERTISE Sales & Marketing: Conceptualizing and implementing sales promotional strategies as a part of brand building and market development effort. Business Development: Handling infrastructure development of sales & distribution systems and increasing coverage & penetration to have maximum market share. Channel Management: Identifying and networking with financially strong and reliable dealers/channel partners, Super Stockist, C&F resulting in deeper market penetration and reach. Ensuring cost-effective logistic operations & seamless materials movement to ascertain sufficient inventory levels at each sales outlet/ distribution channel. Evaluating performance & monitoring distributor sales and marketing activities. website has everything you need to create a fully personalized, high-quality free showcase website. Get the word out about all the amazing things you’re doing. Easily email your contacts or share on social media to tell everyone you know. Sell Anything Anywhere To Anyone. is a business development platform motivated to ideate connect propagate to millions of users worldwide. Create a beautiful, professional web presence. Our expert team members collaborate across digital marketing specialties to produce powerful results. Build your next digital marketing plan utilizing the latest internet technology, explode your online presence with a Fully Managed SEO program, and maximize your profits.

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