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If Fmcg brands were honest, what taglines and slogans would we see?

If brand slogans were brutally honest.


Lays: – It is your fault if you thought we were charging you for the chips. We were charging you for the nitrogen inside our packets

Van Huesen/ Dolce and Gabbana / Celvin Klen/ Gucci :- You can not even prounce our names, let alone buying our products.

Good nite :- We will help you in having a peaceful sleep by killing all the mosquitoes around you that will never die by our product.

Colgate :- You can use us in place of regular salt in your dishes.

Dettol :- We dare you to kill those 0.01% germs.

Cadbury :- Want a chocolate?

Oppo/ Vivo :- Selfies are the most important use of any mobile phone.

Harpic :- We sell you our product by illegally entering your house, please don’t file a police case on us.


Kajaria :- Our name does not resemble any Punjabi cuss word, sorry.

Classmate :- Don’t call us a racist but we have the whitest page in our notebooks.

Apple :— Buy our products only if you don’t like your kidney.

Nike :- Want inspiration for something? Watch our advertisments.

Lego—Step on us, and you will forget to step on the floor for a few moments, ( maybe even hours ).


Lays— We sell more air than chips.

Google— हमें सब पता है ! ( We know everything )

Apple— We invent new devices every year, which are expensive and similar to the previous one or something useless.

Instagram— Stop studying. Start scrolling.

Twitter— Battleground of the world.

WhatsApp— My University is better MIT.

Starbucks— We attract your with our cups.


The world’s most famous brands didn’t pop up overnight, be it amazon, Netflix, Flipkart, or any other biggie of this era. If you are keen to make a difference and want to play with big boys, it’s high time to get your brand identity into fine shape.

Just Instagram:Wink and get 5 Million followers!

Pizza hut:Pizza starts at ₹99. Your bill starts at ₹999.

Starbucks:Come for the selfie. Not for the coffee.

OnePlus:We know you can’t afford an iPhone.

Internet Explorer: Download Google Chrome here.

Harley Davidson

Two wheels are more expensive than four.


Assignments? You’re welcome.


We serve the worst quality chicken with the best taste.


Want an update?

Pepsi –

“No cocaine, just excessive sugar”


Kidneys are cheaper than our phones


Tag that friend who breathes.


Don’t read the comments.


Come hack our products.


Flavored Air


The social medium without emojis.😉

Both a slogan and a tagline are advertising elements, are very imperative parts of a brand, and are both used to solidify the brand image. The main difference between a tagline and a slogan is that a tagline usually focuses on defining the gist of the brand or the company, while a slogan focuses on defining the product or the company. Taglines are more definitive and permanent, while different slogans cater to different taglines.

woke ads and fmcg marketing campaign

How can one money write taglines and slogans?

Tagline and slogans are not the same. A slogan is a catch phrase used in advertising campaigns. They change from product to product and over campaigns. A Tagline on the other hand is used to highlight / set context to a brand as a whole.
Woke-ads-and-fmcg marketing-campaign

What is difference between slogans and tagline?

Usually interchangeable, there isn’t much difference between a slogan and a tagline. While brands can change both at any time, taglines tend to have more permanence when compared to slogans as taglines mostly embody the mission and vision of a brand.

On the other hand, slogans are usually more streamlined towards a particular target/goal like in advertising, social responsibility etc.

That’s why you can see a brand, have one universal tagline yet many slogans for different products, events etc.

Woke-ads-and-fmcg marketing-campaign

You use tagline general under the following circumstances:

To clarify the brand offering. So if, for example, you have an obscure brand name you may want to clarify what you do with an explanatory tagline. In the 70s there was a scent brand aimed at men called Denim. The name itself is quite vague so they opted for the tag “For the man who doesn’t have to try too hard”

To distinguish your brand from the competition. Sometimes your brand has a very reduced market share. You want to stand out and not be “lumped in” with the rest. Avis have used “we try harder”.

To inspire. Everyone knows what Nike does so in their case they look to use their tag in a more inspirational way. So much so that “just do it” is pretty much as famous as the brand name itself (or at the very least inseparable from it).


Iceland: Not as cold as Greenland.

Greenland: Our name should really be Iceland…

N. Korea: Everything’s perfect! Happy Happy Happy!

Australia: Chicks dig our accent.

The Netherlands: No I don’t smoke weed!

Syria: Not a good time, come visit next year!

India: Anyone need an engineer?

Germany: Stop asking me if I’m a Nazi.

If you could pick a marketing superpower what would it be? Mine?


It would be to write really brilliant copy.

Incredible designs appear average because the copy didn’t quite hit the mark. It’s also bloody hard to write. Especially for content writers working through 6-10 different clients, different voices different industries.

Fmcg products make youYoung-at-heart.

So where better to start than talking about SURREAL’s Marketing, specifically its advertising and approaches. They are a cereal brand that is raising a lot of eyebrows and a lot of murmurs as to how they do their marketing. So let’s get into it…

Who are SURREAL?


Slogan is more advertising focused, and a tagline is more public relations focused, meaning slogans are used to sell an item and taglines raise awareness about the overall brand. Unlike slogans, taglines don’t tell customers what your company does. Instead, taglines narrow in on a certain aspect of a company.
Effective slogans are naturally catchy from the moment people hear or see them for the first time. For example, one of the best and most relevant slogans is Nike’s “Just Do It.” It rolls off the tongue naturally. It is short, but it is impactful. Remember, less is more.


How can I use this Scenario, seriously?

Well it’s quite a simple process actually which has the following parts;

Brand archetypes


Copy / tone of voice

Positioning / brand strategy

If you’ve never heard about Brand archetypes before, well before you start thinking oh wow this newsletter has taken a turn, just stick with me for a sec…

Brand Archetypes

Do you remember that Carl Jung bloke from School/A-Level? Well, he came up with a personality profile, that we inherently call Brand archetypes within marketing.

No alt text provided for this image

Archetypes are distinct from personas (a word derived from Latin which means ‘mask’ oo fancy), which represents the image we wish to project to the outside world.

So basically, archetypes are more deeply routed than personality or personas, for me it’s the core of what a brand wants to portray to the world both internally and externally.

It’s where you can start to understand your values and what you stand for as a brand. In this case, a cereal brand that stands for playing at breakfast time. I’d put them in the Jester camp right next to a spray can of Old Spice and some very slick youtube adverts.


Who do they want to attract?

Although archetypes and personas are considered different, I’m actually going to use them together, because, well I can.

But, I do think it will give a clearer picture for SURREAL but also for insuring your marketing is firing to the people you want it to.

If you look at the way that SURREAL communicate, it’s very much using digital channels that perhaps gives a clearer sign to who they are going after, their funny playfulness likely plays with a younger audience, trying to capture an audience on its channels, it’s copy and links to food conscious folks – you can start to get a sense of who this brand is for.

So how do you work out your personas? Personify them!


For example;

What’s their name?
What do they do?
Where do they hang out?
What do they read / watch?

How do they communicate?

What do they care about?
What don’t they care about?
This isn’t an exhaustive list but if you haven’t done this before i’d really recommend doing it for your main target audience, start to paint a picture of George, Lilly or whoever you want to come up with and how you can help them with your brand.


Tone of Voice

Ok, so we now know what the core of your brand is and we’re getting a sense of who we’re going after. Now we need to know how we’re going to talk to them. What resonates with that audience? My top tips are:

Relevance – One of the key aspects I’d always suggest is asking yourself

‘Is this relevant to my target group?’

Do you think that this offers something relevant for your audience to engage with? Talking about a news topic 10 days late probably isn’t relevant, either is posting a meme that’s been going around for 4 days. Pick your battles, and do it with speed. That’s why knowing your audience is so important so it becomes second nature to you when you work at Usain Bolt speeds.

Being Human – We saw a lot of this in global news stories. The Ukrainian conflict, the news in the UK of the Autumn Budget and cost of inflation. Probably best not to make jokes about that, but understanding how your brand can be human in these situations is vital, even if that means you need to pull back your mask of being the ‘jester’ or the archetype your brand represents. Understand the general flow of news through your persona, how do they react to those topics or situations?


Emotion – What do you want your audience to feel? In SURREALS case it’s humour its funny its play. For you, it might be curiosity, inspiration or anger. There is a reason newspapers sell and that’s fear – it’s your brand you know the direction of travel.

I can’t tell you without knowing your brand what tone you should take, or even from an outsider what it already sounds like. I’m more than happy to give you some views if you want to hit me up with a message. I’d suggest using outside support to go through this process, as old habits, context or ego can sometimes get in the way of you presenting yourself without it, oops I said it 👀.

My final word on Tone of Voice is consistency, knowing ‘how’ to talk like you and write like you. Normally this is presented in a Tone of Voice doc, but like we all know, absolutely pointless unless you keep it alive day-to-day so make sure you figure out how to do this within your business.

Positioning / Brand Strategy

The final piece to the puzzle – we’ve got a potential audience, we know what we want to say and tell them – we now need to figure out where to tell them.


Therefore if you’re new to the game or looking to grow your audience in different areas, you need to go where your audience are. A bit like a needy friend at a party, you need to be there going ‘hey, I also love this place, but perhaps we could chat over here where I could show you my massive billboard.’

Keep your mind out of the gutter.


Where to place your advertising isn’t exactly difficult once you know this information. What you do need to think about is overlay this with the type of communications they are already seeing. Oh sorry, you thought you were the only one doing this game?

You need to think about how you stand out in a sea of sameness out there. SURREAL have used its unique tone of voice and playful manner across a cereal brand to do this. You’re not exactly seeing Frosty’s or Special K doing that = standing out.


So, now go forth and work out just how are you going to do that?

Simple Secrets On How To Generate A Unique Trademark For Your Business


How to generate that unique representation for His trademark.


Don’t forget that trademark is a tool that helps communicate what your business does as to your brand, design, or logo.

 This exists through specific sound, color, word, smell determinants, and more.

 A Words Mark: They exist in words, abbreviations, slogans, and taglines used to represent a business but not in a description of what the business does. These include words likes APPLE used by Apple company (mentioned in my post last week), FORD – An American Multinational Automobile Company in the Michigan, United States by Henry Ford. Also GOOGLE, IBM, and more. They are acknowledged as the standard character (word mark) for the business they represent.

Can you remember  “Something “? You should be able to relate with.


It is a slogan phrase representation for an acclaimed trademark.


A figurative language: You could consider the shape of your company’s product (goods), the company itself, or the company service package. For instance: COCO COLA using the COCO COLA BOTTLE. 

 Sounds: These are the sounds produced from any of your product, such as the musical strings that can be trademarked. Have you heard NOKIA ringing tone before? They have it registered in the sound mark as NOKIA’ s trademark.

It exists a lot where businesses tend to trademark a specific color that represents their brand. You too can do this for your business.


Now, trademark that brand and register the business name first if you haven’t.

A lot you tend to protect when you do this.

 Narendra Modi

Tactician, Strategist, Stoic, Resilient, Manipulator, and countless other attributes which are living testimony to my exemplary Political career.

Indira Gandhi

Lady with an iron will and ruthless determination. Nothing stands in the way of Kingship. Period !

 Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel

Independence was easy. Unification of princely states? Now that’s a different ball game. Did it stop him? NO ! Did it bother me? NO! Did it scare NO? Hell NO!

Company slogans to inspire you

Just Do It – Nike.

Think different – Apple.

A Diamond is Forever – De Beers.

When you care enough to send the very best – Hallmark.

I’d walk a mile for a Camel – Camel.

Top taglines and jingles created ever

Have a coke and smile. (1979) Coca-Cola

We bring good things to life. (1981) General Electric

Come alive! You’re in the Pepsi generation. (1964) Pepsi

Have it your way. (1973) Burger King

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