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How top FMCG salesman works to become a sales manager, a guide.



Human Beings Are nature’s Highest Form of Creation.

Signs You are Born to Work in Sales

One of the hallmarks of a successful FMCG Sales person is that he is influential and persuasive in his interactions with other people. He has the ability to get other people to cooperate with him to achieve his goals and fulfill his aspirations.

The truly successful person is the one who can influence the greatest number of people in a common direction to help him get more of the things he wants in life.

There is No other living Creature Superior than Human Beings.


When We talk of Human Beings, The Human Mind Matters the Most.

When We talk of the Human Mind, apart of all its other marvelous features,

Purity of the Mind Matters the Most.

A Pure Mind generates







Desire &

Peace of Mind


The pivotal question with regard to selling is whether or not you are good at it. Everybody is in sales.

From the time you get up in the morning until the time you go to bed at night, you are continually negotiating, communicating, persuading, influencing and trying to get people to cooperate with you to do the things that you want them to do.

If you are poor at sales, then you are merely a recipient of influence. This means that
you will be continually influenced and persuaded by others.


You’re positive in the face of rejection

If you are good at sales,
it means that you will be an agent of influence and you will be constantly influencing
and persuading others in the direction that you want them to go.

You’re unafraid of conceptual thinking


All top executives are excellent low-key salespeople. All effective parents are wonderful salespeople. All effective children are very good at selling ideas to their parents.
Excellent employees are very effective at getting their bosses to do things, and getting
their coworkers to go along with them and cooperate with them in getting the job
done. Everyone who is effective in virtually any area of life that involves other people
is an excellent salesperson of some kind.

You have a mastery of soft skills

Your job is to become very, very good at selling. Over the years, unfortunately, a stigma
has grown up around the selling profession. Many people feel that selling is a low level type of activity and they don’t like to be associated with it. There are virtually
no colleges or universities that have a Faculty or Department of Selling, even though
 millions of people make their living from selling something to someone. It is the
largest single, identifiable occupational group in the world.


You are organized

Salespeople are the movers and shakers in every business and industry. They are the key people who create the demand for all the products and services that keep everyone employed at every other occupation.

You are naturally competitive

Virtually every single piece of financial information in the newspapers and on television and radio has to do with selling in some way. The entire stock market and all activities associated with it are simply a series of reports on the prices of stocks, bonds and other financial instruments as they are bought and sold on a daily basis. And their prices and values are largely determined by the sales of the products and services that they represent. Companies rise and fall based on whether or not they are capable of selling sufficient quantities of their products or services at sufficient prices in competitive markets.

Takeaway-food-fmcg- salesman--brand-Biryani-by-kilo.

You’re willing to put in the work behind the scenes

Everything is sales.

85% of a person’s behavior is determined by what
they anticipate happening as a result of engaging in that behavior

But How Can We Achieve Purity in a salesman’s Mind ?

By removing all the Impurities of the mind;

The Mind becomes Pure.

Because its the root of the mind, which is the real cause of generating and multiplying impurities.

And its this insidious habit which creates a vicious cycle and causes all the misery in our lives.

If this habit pattern remains unchanged,

The impure mind remains unchanged.


The unchanged impure mind keeps the human being unchanged.

And thereby our society is unchanged…. and

Eventually this world remains unchanged !

So lets strike at the root cause of misery.

Start the Journey of Purifying our Mind, which is the foundation of all our problems.

Demolish this Impure Foundation.


Defeat this Demon within us.

And Start our Journey towards true Enlightenment, Bliss & Peace of Mind.

Do You Wish To Work on this Root Cause and start to purify your Mind ?

Most of us work hard to fulfil the dreams of others, but when it comes to pursuing our own dreams, we encounter obstacles like time, money, commitments etc.

Definition of a Boss.

To tell a person what to do in annoying way or arrogant way. Now with the above definition you are Supposed to get the work done by your team and deliver Consistent & Sustainable results.


You are skilled with language

Are you on track with your business goals?

“GAP Analysis.”

It is the business of clearly defining what it is that your idea, product, service or concept can do for a person and then showing them how they can achieve their goals with
what it is you want them to buy.


 “ABC Theory” of human motivation is very simple
 also quite powerful. It is essential that you understand it in all your interactions
with others.
“A” stands for antecedent, or the things that come before an event, activity or decision.
“B” stands for the behavior that an individual engages in as the result of a stimulation
of some kind. And “C” stands for the consequences of a particular behavior, based on
the antecedent that motivated that behavior.


Is the growth of the business on an upward trend?

“Rational Expectations Theory.”

It is at the heart of modern economic
analysis. It simply says that people behave on the basis of their rational expectations,
of what they think is going to happen if they buy or sell a particular product or service,
or engage in any particular action.

Does your business financial statement give a positive sign?

Are your business strategies efficient enough?


You are persuasive

Did your customers get satisfied with your product and services?

If your answer is YES, it’s well and good that you’re doing well.

What if your answer is NO?

In selling or persuading anyone to do anything, there is another Theory of motivation
that is equally as important and as powerful as the first one I just discussed. In this
second theory, “A” represents a state of “Felt Dissatisfaction.” This means that the individual is not happy or satisfied in their current situation or condition.

The “C” represents a state of greater satisfaction. If the individual moves to this state
of greater satisfaction, he or she will relieve the felt dissatisfaction that he or she has
in their current situation.

The “B” of this ABC Theory is the product, service, idea, action, or activity that you are
trying to persuade the person to acquire or engage in.
So, to repeat, the “A” is the existing state of dissatisfaction.


The “C” is the future anticipated state of greater satisfaction or relieved dissatisfaction. The “B” is what you are
offering, in one way or another.
We call the “B” part of this formula the GAP between where the person could be and
where the person would ideally like to be.


A sale, or an effective act of influence, getting the person to do something that they would not have done in the absence of
your influence, is only possible when a GAP exists between the real current situation
of the other person and the ideal situation that they would like to enjoy. You can only
get a person to act when there is a GAP between their current life and work and their
desired life and work.



The very best persuaders and communicators are those who concentrate all of their
attention on identifying the exact GAP that exists. They then focus on that GAP, widening it in every possible way until the prospect begins to feel more and more dissatisfied
with their current situation and more and more desirous of enjoying the future, ideal
situation which is achievable by the use of your product, service or idea.



Here are some of the key points in GAP Analysis and in persuading people to move
from where they are to where you want them to be.
Remember, that people buy solutions to their problems, not products or services. In
fact, as a salesperson, you are a problem finder rather than a vendor. The more you
focus on the problem or GAP that exists between the real and the ideal in the customer
situation, the faster you will find a place where your product or service can plug the GAP.
The bigger the problem that the person has, the bigger the potential sale. One of the
most powerful questions you can ask a person is, “How much is that problem costing
you?” Help the person to identify not only the obvious and direct costs but the notso-obvious and indirect costs.
Ask the prospect, “What are the implications, or what is the meaning of that problem
to you?” “What other things does it affect in your work or personal life?”
The most astute people are those who are capable of finding a small GAP and then
expanding it into a wide GAP. They are capable of finding a small problem or small

It means your business gets stagnant, and it seriously needs an effective plan to boost it.

Business stagnation happens when leaders fail to implement new ideas and are afraid to take challenging decisions to grow the business long-term.



If you are selling to companies, you have to ask what the decision makers in the company
want to accomplish. What is the GAP between where they are and where they want to
be? And the GAP in selling to companies is always determined by the responsibilities
of the decision maker. How is the decision maker rewarded, and for what? What is it
that the decision maker has to do to earn the respect, esteem and support of his or her
superiors and co-workers? On what basis, and for what results, does he or she get paid?


When you meet a prospect for the first time, you will find that they are usually unaware
that a GAP exists between where they are and where they could be. They will say things
like, “I’m not interested,” or “I can’t afford it,” or “We’re quite happy with our current
situation.” These are normal and natural reactions. No one likes to change. But all this
means is that the person has not yet learned that there is a GAP between where he or
she is and where he or she could be using your product or service.

The very best persuaders and communicators are those who concentrate all of their attention
on identifying the exact GAP that exists.

Good salespeople are always thinking about the wording of their questions, rewriting them, and practicing them regularly.


You value relationship-building

Here is a quick guide to kickstart your business from stagnation.

1. Start as Day One:

If you launch this as a new business, would you go with the existing plan or revise it to a new one? Unless your answer brings changes to your business, you’re at risk.

2. Be Ready for Change:

You should always be ready to implement the necessary changes in your businesses to adapt to this competitive world. Observe the market trend in your niche and analyse its outcome. Don’t fear implementing new things. It may fail, but the lesson it teaches you will be remarkable.

3. Review Strategy:

Regular monitoring of your business strategy acts as a benchmark to check whether you are on track towards the mission.

4. Keep an eye on competitors:

Analyse your competitors’ growth and their marketing strategy. Observe the mistakes they have made. Knowing what competitors are doing in the industry also helps to target your ideal audience.

5. Customer Feedback:

Customers are always King. Get feedback from your customers who uses your product/service. Analyse the feedback and proceed with it if it sounds convincing.

6. Evaluate every 18-24months:

Data-driven analysis of evaluating your business’s key performance indicators is vital for analyzing whether you are on a mission towards your goal. Evaluate and update the necessary changes in the current business model once in 18-24months.



Here are a couple of great questions for GAP Analysis. The first is the magic wand
technique. You imagine that you have a magic wand that you could wave over the
prospect’s situation and you ask this question, “Mr. Prospect, if this situation were absolutely perfect in every respect, what would it look like?” Then, remain completely silent. When the prospect begins to describe how his situation would look if it were perfect, he is in fact describing the GAPS that exist between what he is currently doing and where he could be in the future.


If you have a product or service that can bridge that GAP, you will create an opportunity to sell with this question.
Another wonderful set of questions begins with the words,

“What if?” When you ask
a prospect things like, “What if you could do this; what difference would that make
to your current situation?” Or you could ask, “What if we could achieve this particular
result for you; what effect would that have on your current operations?”

Good questions that point to an ideal and desirable possible future grab the prospects
attention and start the prospect visualizing and imagining an ideal future state, exactly
the state that your product or service is meant to achieve.

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The very best salespeople in every field are extremely problem focused. They practice
their questions over and over again until their questions are perfect and have a real
impact on the thinking of the prospect.
The great insurance salesman Ben Feldman was a master at designing powerful questions. Whenever he was talking to an insurance prospect who was not interested and
couldn’t afford it, he would ask questions such as, “Mr. Prospect, will your widow be
able to dress as well as your wife?”

This kind of a question would really get the attention of a businessman who had no
idea that his entire estate could be consumed by taxes if he didn’t make provisions to
insure for his family while his business was still thriving.


Your job in selling and persuading is to identify the real and most pressing needs of
your prospect. You do this by continuing to ask questions and by encouraging the
person to tell you what would have to happen for him or her to be completely happy in a particular situation. Once you have become completely clear regarding your prospects needs, you then show him or her, in what is called the presentation part of the process, how his or her needs can be most ideally satisfied by what it is you are offering.

fmcg consumer and retail therapy
You don’t try to push a person into making a decision. Instead, you lead them gently
to the decision by showing them their problem or GAP on the one hand, and by showing them your solution or way of bridging the GAP on the other hand. You then tell them that your solution is exactly what they really want and need to get from where they are to where they want to go.

A final key to effective selling through GAP Analysis is to share some of the experiences of previous people that you have persuaded to purchase your product or service. Use third party references, testimonials and anecdotes. Say things like, “I have a very good customer who had a similar situation to yours not long ago, and this is what he was able to do with our product.” You then go on to explain a success story of someone who had a similar GAP and who was able to bridge the GAP in a cost effective way by accepting your recommendation.
Whenever you want to persuade anybody of anything, GAP Analysis is the key.


Slowdown and instead of trying to overwhelm them with reasons and rationales for doing what you want them to do, ask questions aimed at uncovering their current problems, needs and dissatisfactions. Listen carefully to the answers they give you and ask questions to help them expand on the answers. Take a few moments to feed their answers back to them to show them that you were really listening and that you really understand their problems. You then position yourself to influence and persuade the prospect by showing him or her how your product or service just happens to be the ideal way to solve their problem, satisfy their need or achieve the goal that they have.


When you take this low-pressure approach to getting people to do what you want them to do, they will buy from you with pleasure and they will recommend you to their friends. They will
feel like they are being helped to improve their lives rather than being pressured into
buying something that they may not want or need.


The wonderful thing about selling is that it is a learned skill. No matter where you are in your level of selling ability today, by continual practice at the business of finding problems that your ideas, products and services can solve, you can become better and better, and more and more persuasive in everything you do and with everyone you meet. And the more effective you are at selling, the more successful you will bein every other part of your life as well


Are you often left perplexed when it comes to choosing the perfect product to sell online?

 Strategy for you that can make the process a whole lot easier and more rewarding.

Every Salesman’s  Open secret?


Look no further than your local manufacturers!

One of the most effective ways to find the ideal product is by observing and analyzing the offerings of local manufacturers.

By making a list of the products available locally and utilizing powerful tools like Jungle Scout, you can gain valuable insights to guide your decision-making process.

 why consider working with local manufacturers? The benefits are plentiful:


  1. Building a strong rapport: By collaborating with local manufacturers, you can establish a solid relationship based on trust and communication.
  2. Customization opportunities: Local manufacturers often provide the flexibility to customize products according to market demands, enabling you to cater to specific customer preferences.
  3. Minimum quantity requirements: Many local manufacturers allow you to start with smaller quantities, making it easier for you to test the market and manage your inventory effectively.
  4. Physical visit and product experience: Visiting the manufacturing unit allows you to physically examine and experience the product, giving you a deeper understanding of its quality and suitability for your target audience.
  5. Credit system: Some local manufacturers offer favourable credit terms, which can be beneficial for managing cash flow and building a long-term partnership.

The advantages of working with local manufacturers are real and truly worthwhile.

Keep your eyes open as you explore your surroundings, and consider yourself lucky if you come across a product that is readily available locally.



How has e-commerce changed FMCG selling?

What’s new in the e-commerce industry?

We all know how much the e-commerce industry has changed since the pandemic and the shift in customer behavior.

By using a smartphone, you can almost get everything at your doorsteps. People started preferring online shopping as it is comfortable and saves time.

The E-commerce industry has also levelled the playing field for brands with direct-to-consumer business models that can deliver a stellar online experience.

If you’re an aspiring e-commerce Key Accounts Manager,


BUY NOW PAY LATER to increase order value

Loyalty programs to improve customer retention

Sustainability for our planet

Using Metaverse to give a virtual shopping experience

Video marketing for dynamic engagement

Influencer Marketing to Boost Sales

AI and machine learning to predict shopping habits based on browsing history

Understanding these latest trends will always help you stay ahead of the competition. It integrates what works best for your brand and business model. Always have an eye on your competitors, and, observe the new techniques they use to reach customers.

What are the factors that instill trust in online customers?

Product quality

Price range

Packaging (last but not least)

Imagine that your product quality is good and the price range is also affordable. But if you do not pack your material well, you might lose credibility with your customers.

In E-commerce, many business owners get forced to face the return policy mainly because of their poor packaging strategies.


Kindly watch the video here.

Top FMCG salesman works to become a sales manager

Job Value Addition.
As a Boss you are Supposed to add Value to people which will help him to perform today and take the learnings for his future. Your thought process on growing the organization Should be put it to practice by your people and they Should Succeed in it. When they Succeed the respect on you professionally goes up leaps & bounds. As a Boss you Should be respected for your job knowledge in your function. Value addition Should be given on the job which is very important. No Sitting around in an air-conditioned room and talking nonsense which is of no use.

Why is Monday referred to as the “Mad Monday Mind”?


The start of the workweek can often be stressful and unenjoyable due to the demands of the job.

Here’s a helpful tip. 

Take 15 minutes on a Sunday evening to create a to-do list for the next day.


You might be thinking is this, really a “hack”? After all, it’s a simple task that I already know.

However, the challenge lies in the fact that we tend to overlook simple solutions that can have a significant impact.

Have you tried this technique before?


Many people haven’t given it a try.

Why not attempt it today and share your feedback tomorrow?

Let us know if this tip works for you or not! waiting to hear about your experience.

Have you ever wondered why Monday is often associated with motivation?


It could be because it marks the start of a new week, providing a fresh beginning to set new goals, tackle new challenges, and make positive changes in our lives or work.

Another reason for the popularity of “Motivation Monday” is the rise of social media. Influencers, coaches, and others often share inspiring stories, tips, and quotes to encourage their followers.

However, believe that every day is a new beginning and a wonderful opportunity to explore.

Whether it’s Monday or Sunday, if we have a goal, we’re passionate about, we’ll push ourselves to achieve it.


Develop yourself to be a Leader & not follower.

As your own Boss you better develop  and not follower. You need to understand that you are not indispensable. People Should challenge your Strategies and it will help you to make better Strategies. There is Saying people with disciplined thought & action will ensure less hierarchy & micromanagement.

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