How Best sales strategies help a FMCG salesman in product selling?


The concept of TRUE MARKETING for Fmcg Sales.

This has made Billions of dollars in Profit to those who apply.

Marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

It’s only about promoting & Selling at it’s core.

This is what almost everyone is doing.

It doesn’t offer the authentic version of yourself into marketing as you will see in later part of this newsletter.


So What’s TRUE MARKETING in Fmcg Sales?

The True Marketing is all about connecting with the Customer with your True intention.

The intention of bringing a change.

The intention of helping, nurturing and connecting.

It’s about building relationship, a true one.

You might think, it’s almost the same thing.

It’s not.

 TRUE Marketing believes in changing Fmcg Consumer lives by experience.


Even if there is no sale a lasting impact on consumer.

It’s only about bringing that TRUST Nothing else.

The Traditional version only cares about Sale.

And As you can now see. That’s a clear difference.


Why TRUE MARKETING? Is there any Benefit to Fmcg Salesman?

While you might not see a clear benefit directly, Let me break it down for you.

Your TRUE intentions will bring a lot of engagement to your office/Shop/Website either Organic/Paid Traffic.

It will give you Lower Cost per Lead or sales call.

You will see lower Competition.

Most importantly, People will TRUST You.

TRUST will bring SALE if not Today, Tomorrow.

On Personal side, You will live a fulfilled life.

You will give this nasty Marketing a TRUE Intention.

Here are few Examples of People who are doing and earning like Hell


Important concept around influence marketing strategy for Fmcg Sales


This will be super exiting and game changer especially when we have moved into 2022.

long time ago people used to watch television and radio or newspaper which were influencing their buying decisions.

Nowadays since jio came into India and internet has penetrated to tier cities, a lot of people have now started using Smartphones.

They are spending much of their time into social media which has actually given a lot of opportunity to people behind the screens.


Its talking about the influencers.

These are the people who are actually influencing a lot of people who are spending more than 5-6 hrs or even more on their mobile devices.

Unlike before, now Influencers are much more powerful because a lot of people are there on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook enjoying the content.

You see lot of people are liking, commenting and a lot of things are happening around it.


So what is in it for 2022?

It is not only about the content but people have also become intelligent.

For example if you are into influence marketing and suppose you are making content that promotes certain products which is going to give you a higher cut on to the sales margin but the product is not better.

It will at the end of the day will make someone’s experience bad or not the right value for the money.

It will create a negative vibe around that particular influencer in the market and that will lead to downfall of that particular influencer.

And it will happen quite quickly, especially if someone is using paid ads.


That is why it is very important for you to understand that influence marketing is no more make money quicker scheme.

It is all about how you can bring a result for your audience and it is critical that you don’t look at the higher profits.

You need to give importance to quality rather than quantity especially in this 2022, when people have become much more intelligent.

If You Do it right, you will see exponential growth.

You might not see result today or tomorrow or in a month, but in a span of 6 month or two years, the results will compound.

And You will see that people will start to visit you again and again.

These people will transform into repeat buyers and not only that they will spread the world about you.


Your Vibe will attract your Tribe.

They will start sharing it to their friends and family.

They will start to refer your products to other people and that is what is critical for you as an influencer.

Now, If you ask me what product or services to promote.

By default the answer that you are expecting contains the affiliate products.


 In 2022, as a Fmcg salesman / Influencer you need better control over the product that you are promoting which cannot be achieved via Affiliate products.

And that is why I always recommend to have your own product.

And that’s ok if you don’t have your own product initially

You can promote the  product when you are starting off, but by end of the day you should have knowledge of the product mix.

You can start with Fmcg/Fmcd products,certainly around your niche.


As a Fmcg Salesman Building  a Brand is a very important achievement for your business.

Here’s what you need to build your own brand as a fmcg Salesman.

Understand Your Market.


Connect with your Customer at a Deeper level via Stories.Build repeat Sales Formula through Tribe (Retailer/Wholesaler) Building.

In Today’s era when everything is almost digitally connected, there is still a need of emotional attachment for the communication to fully happen.

Everyone, somewhere reads,watches newsletters,ads exploring knowledge inside it.

Brands are still connected by this unknown bond.

We all are emotional creatures on this journey helping each other.


What is Storytelling and Product Selling?

Storytelling is an art of painting pictures using words.

It is a simple way to convey a specific message in an interactive way. It persuades the listener towards the message.

This has been with us from the early age when Humans were living in caves and forest roaming from one place to another.

They used to communicate through drawings carving though the cave walls even on woods.

These stories helped others to understand the message more clearly as the stories maintain an emotional connect though out the journey till the message is conveyed.

As we grew from early age and onwards, these changed from drawings and sculpture to text in form of books that can be carried and gave stories the mobility to be everywhere.


Why Product Detailing (Storytelling) is important?

Product/Service Stories help you to build an emotional connection not only to the customer but also the audience.

It helps  to clearly perceive the message with depth of understanding.


Fmcg Stories inspire and motivate.

This is the best way for anyone to help build deep connection and that is why, a lot of stories around spirituality and beliefs.

We are still carrying stories from generations told by our grandparents and theirs. These stories inspire and motivates us.


Product Detailing (Storytelling) carries impactful messages.

Fmcg Product and Brand Stories are super impactful and that’s why the kinder garden children start their journey with stories that help them understand the Moral Science and build a connect with the society.

These stories have huge impact not only on children and adults.

Many success,profit making product,channel partners, motivational guides, all contains stories. Stories build connection and conveys the impact of the message.


Product/BrandStories bring Fmcg Business people together.

The characters in story communicate emotions and create a connection with people leading to common feeling building a deep connection helping people stay together.

This is also the reason spiritual stories communicates common goal and helps to build a society and maintain that religious peace.


Product/Brand Storytelling helps to maintain that common goal in Business.

In Business, almost all the Top-class executives including CEO and Senior Management Leaders use Stories to communicate their goal, target, and mission.

This helps them to help other employees to clearly understand the true motive and Goal that they need to fulfill together.

In contrast to above stories also communicates a lengthy and complicated message even the bad news in a simple and consumable fashion.

A great leader always motivates thousands and sometimes millions of others which cannot happen efficiently without a story.

If you look around all the brands like Apple, Disney, Nike, and several others commutates a story aligned with the Company Goal.


Fmcg Product Storytelling helps maintain the Brand Quality and Value to its Customers.

Long time ago, Advertisement and Campaigns used to be direct selling.

It was rather transactional rather than relational.

Now, everything has changed due to awareness and internet access.

Now selling it is all about building trust and maintaining relationship.

Storytelling can also be seen in social media post, Social Campaigns, Email and Advertisement.

All these communicates a story rather than selling.

This is also the reason almost all brand use stories in the advertisement to reach the emotion of end customers.

Now brands are also deeply participating in Social and NGO Operations to keep that emotional connect.


How to do storytelling online?

If you want to become a good Online Storyteller, you need to master these three chemicals dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins. And here is how you can do that.

Collect Stories: A storyteller always have a huge collection of small stories, mostly from his personal life. Start recalling and collecting these stories.

Categorize the Stories: Categorize these stories into 3 segments, namely suspense, empathy and funny. Suspense relates to dopamine; Empathy relates to Oxytocin and Funny to Endorphins.

Always start with context: Use stories to build the context or the background or Plot of the information. This will help your Audience build deeper connection.


Play with your Stories: Whenever you want to share the information, build suspense first to gain their Focus. If it is getting bored, crack some joke. Make your Audience laugh. And finally help them connect with you by building Empathy.

Exercise Storytelling: Storytelling cannot be mastered in a go. You need to keep exercising wherever possible. You need to master the skill of building emotional connect.

Going Online with Storytelling: When doing online storytelling, use images and videos to help your audience connect with the stories at a deeper level. If you are going live, you can ask them to perform certain task like commenting or asking if someone has gone through a similar situation. This will help in further building a bond with the Audience.


Online Storytelling Live Platforms: While Facebook Live, YouTube Live the Social Platforms you can go live and test things out, you can opt for webinar tools like zoom meetings to build deeper connection with Audience with high focus grounds.

Online Storytelling Recorded Platforms: You can record and share in public domain on YouTube. For paid community, you can use Teachable where you can ask them to participate via comments.

Guide on Leads – Types, Nurturing, Generating Quality Leads via Email, and a lot more.

Leads – This is one of the most frequent used terms in Any Business.


What is a Lead?

Many of you already know it, I will still define in simple language here.

Leads are the details you collect about your prospect, generally Name & Email.

For running your Business It’s very important to have Leads. It’s also very important to have quality Leads.

This Brings to the next Question.


What are the Various Types of Leads?

Leads depends on How you get it. Not all the leads are of same quality and intention.

You see Funnel has various stages and as we go to the bottom, we have warmer audience.

Similarly, Leads can be Cold – If you purchased or scrapped from somewhere, Warm – Got by Showing Ads/Freebee or Hot – If they made a Purchase.

anil, Do you know while many of us just scrap data to get Leads or Post our links to get Leads, It might not get us quality Leads.


What is a Quality Lead? How can I get Quality Leads?

Quality Leads comes with a better intention, by building trust. By nurturing and really connecting with them to help them get results.

Like I am connecting with you in this Weekly Newsletter to help you get results.

Quality Leads trust you and connect with you because of your Pure intentions. They can even BUY from your affiliate links because of the TRUST.

It’s not about getting them to Buy. It’s about helping them get results.

Happy Smiling Couple.

What is the importance of Email in Generating Leads?

Emails are means of communication and helps  connect with customers at a deeper level.

 talk to you over this email. It helps me to understand you to help you with your Profits.

How to Nurture Consumer / Distributor Opportunity Leads?

Nurturing Leads is very important. It helps maintain the trust keeps the Open Rate high.

Nurturing Leads means delivering values.

Do you know Industry Average Email Open Rate is about 20%.

Fmcg-Salesman-with an attitude

 Drop-shipping Model and  selling e-commerce products.

Your Daily 50+ orders with 10% Profit Margin including Ads Cost, RTO(Estimated) and Shipping cost.

However,but something doesn’t seem right.

Get a lot of complaints on  product satisfation and can’t take it anymore.

Thinking to take that product down,started to impact  Page Quality Rank and which might increase  Ad Cost or shutdown that Account altogether?

 Stop promoting the profitable product and put new ideas to Test.

“If you change your bait, you will change your Customer.”


I quickly bundled the product with few similar products catering to similar audience group.

And then I started to promote that bundle product with 4X the price to see if it works.

I also worked on Packaging and white labelling. I am always up when it comes to test crazy stuffs.

To My surprise, It worked.

ROAS increased to around 7 with a 30% profit margin.


My day was well spent.

You see, I was able to get results because I knew Who is my Dream Customer. Do you?

To answer this you will have to ask yourself, Who do I actually want to work with?

Most of us start with a product idea, never thinking about who we want as clients or customers, yet these are the people you will be interacting with day in and day out.

You will have to find out for whom are you going to design whatever you are up to.

I knew, my dream customers that’s why I was able to quickly figure out why are they unhappy. What makes them feel good and a lot more.

Social-media a channel for fmcg brands

Next is, Where are your dream customers congregating?

I could have never been able to promote that new bundle that I created without knowing where are they spending most of their time.

It’s very important to work and invest your time to understand where your dream customers are spending most of their time.

This will help you easily find them when it comes to selling. either digital or Physical Products.

A fmcg major Loreal-Cosmetics-sampling-and-btl-activity-

What is the bait (hook, Story, and offer) you’ll use to attract your dream customers?

Once you know where are they congregating, you can reach out to them, but how are you actually going to get them in your sales page.

Each of my page or Ads that I designed contained the Hook, Story and Offer.

You need to have a Hook(So that they are exited about it), Story (So that they understand the true potential of your product), Offer(So that you can get them the results).


What is the unique result or value that you can create for your dream customers?

The offer was all about the bundle where they can get all their Kitchen Problems solved at once with the products I offered.

It showed them how easily they can get these results.

If you want to get sale you need to get your dream customer immediate results.


Have you ever felt that tension, when you want to do something and It seems somehow you are frozen?


Why Our Mind Makes It Super Difficult, It hurts?

Our Brain and Mind are millions of years old in terms of genetic evolution, so it still remembers how we stayed in caves and fought those wars to get meal on time.

No one expected Netflix and Prime.

Technological advancements are super-fast and unpredictable.

So, when you try to do something out of the box. Your brain will fire signals to stop you and Yes! That is why it hurts.


What’s The Power of Mind?

Look around yourself, You will Find few people who are Successful not once, not twice, but seems like forever.

You may call him Lucky but that is because of Power of Mind.

You see, our conscious mind is small and is responsible for very few controls.

But our subconscious mind is what creates magic or stops you from doing something.

It is super powerful. It is up to you to make it your friend or foe.

It is like “Aladin ka Chirag” and you can’t ever imagine It’s true potential.


How to Control our Mind?

Our mind is crazy due to craziness outside of us.

If you sell something that you know is cheap or If you do something that you heart doesn’t allow, But you still do it for Money.

That will make your subconscious go against you and you might have felt this.

That is why. It is particularly important for you to do what you love.


Up next, Craft your Mission. Have a Clear Goal on these 3 questions?

Where you are now?

What you are currently doing in terms of Finance, Relationship, Health, etc.

Where You want to be? In terms of Finance, Relationship, Health, etc.

And why you want this change?

With a clear 100% visualization,the mind will be your Friend.

The exercise takes  time but is worth doing it.


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