Consumer buying surge in FMCG products and the joy in shopping during festivals

How Do Festivals Influence Fashion And Consumer Buying Patterns In India?

The best time to boost sales….

Festive Season!!!!!


The festive season appearance towards dear customers is attractive and encouraging to buy more and more products. There are various festive holiday shopping days which are Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas Eve and New Year eve. Among these festive holiday shopping days Black Friday & Cyber Monday are the biggest shopping days.

Here are some tips to increase sales during this festive season:

Celebrate Diwali.

 Most important things that a consumer considers in buying goods.

1. Does the product answer a need?

2. Is the product the best option compared to the alternatives?

3. What kind of reputation does the product have? What about the brand?

4. What are the pitfalls of buying the product? Are the risks worth it?

5. Does it fit the budget?

It all comes down to how well you know your users and how well you have crafted your sales strategy as you have to get ahead of your competitor and standout.


 Precise report based upon visitor’s geographic/demographic habitat which will help you to segregate your user to whom you should offer a higher-end product and whom you should offer a complimentary product.

Depending on what kind of product the consumer is trying to buy, there may also be more specific questions, like what are the product specifications and do these specs coincide with what the buyer needs.


I would  like to keep in contact with my customers and businesses. By doing this you are always on top of mind with the customer. From there you can always ask when they need your help and support and when to follow up.

Usually customers in peak season are busy trying to get work done but something emergencies come up that you could help support. Or they help give you insight into what you can help them with in the off season.


You only have so much space in your suitcase and you’ve already got your holiday clothes, wash kit, shoes, books to read on the beach or the deck of your cruise ship etc. in there. If you buy products during the holidays you’ve then got to lug extra stuff back with you.

Can’t avoid buying extra things during the holidays, enough souvenirs around the place and duty free drinks etc,often no cheaper than supermarket prices.

There exist four types of Consumers:

Loyal Consumers

Discount customers

Impusive Customers

Need Based customers

Discount consumer has eagerness and patience to make purchase only during sales. Its easy for the brand to skim the discount and call for the Sale.

There is a major calculaion running to check for the ROI and finalize the discount factor. Calculation includes production pricing on economies of scale, inventory management price, supply change management etc.

In Europe, there are big (end of season) sales around mid August. The goal is to clear the spring/summer inventory in preparation for the Fall season.

Another big sale is typically at the end of winter, to prepare for spring and summer.

In the US, new car models are available in October, so, from Oct. to January, car dealerships offer special pricing to the last year models.


Black Friday shopping in stores craters 52% during pandemic as e-commerce sales surge

Traffic at stores on Black Friday fell by 52.1% compared with last year, according to preliminary data from Sensormatic Solutions.

“Shoppers are spreading out their shopping throughout the holiday season because of concerns about social distancing and the pandemic,” said Brian Field.

Online spending on Black Friday surged 21.6% to hit a new record, according to data from Adobe Analytics.

Shoppers take advantage of Macy's Black Friday specials in Maumee, Ohio, November 27, 2020.
Shoppers looking at Macy’s Black Friday specials in Maumee, Ohio, 
Stephen Zenner | SOPA Images | LightRocket | Getty Images

Traffic at stores on Black Friday  52.1% as Americans by and large heading to malls and queuing up in lines for shopping. 


The Covid pandemic has pushed a record number of consumers to shop online, instead, as retailers place many of their top holiday doorbuster deals online and encourage shoppers to buy on the web and then pick up purchases curbside. World over Disease Control and Prevention  recommended that citizens shop online during all festivals and the day after Thanksgiving.


The typical peak time for shopping on Black Friday remained the same this year, hitting at about 2 p.m., Sensormatic Solutions said.

On Thanksgiving Day, many retailers including Walmart and Target  stores across the U.S.



 Japan, Belgium or otherwise, this is a very socially proactive measure and  think it’s genius

In Super markets as well, where you get 30% off meat and other items that are close to the BB date.  Can’t help but think that 5% is a bit low though, especially if it’s being thrown out anyway.


Here it’s 30% or 50% depending on the date or product.


Lots of supermarkets and regular stores do TooGoodToGo as well. 

Discounts, Discounts, Discounts

This is a question that must be running in the mind of every eCommerce marketer/ business holders at the moment. Festive season is an opportunity for all those marketers who are waiting for the boost in their sale. As most of the consumers shop online, the planning and strategy becomes the most important part for the sale point of view. You have to engage your customers and this will be only possible when you will get to know about, how to engage your customers, with different types of holiday marketing strategy, that definitely going to help you to edge over your competitors.


Why Should You Include Video In Your Holiday Marketing Campaign?

 Key Aspects of a Successful Holiday Marketing Strategy

 Setting Up Goals in display of facilities for all.

 Monitor Your KPIs

 Mobile Marketing Strategy Best Practices

 Video Marketing


  How Can Flash Sales Promotions Make Your Holiday Marketing Strategy Successful?

 Paid Campaigns

 Email Marketing


With a sales funnel that has an upsell and downsell.

In order to create a sales funnel, you need to first understand few terms and methodology –

 Front End Product – This is the main product which your customers will see in the first instance. Upon successful purchase of this product, your customer will move forward in the sales funnel.

 Upsell Product – Upsell product is described as the subsequent product in the sales funnel which the customers will see (after redirection) after the purchase of Front End Product.

Downsell Product – After the purchase of Front End Product, the customer will land on the Upsell Product. If he/she decides to purchase the Upsell Product, then he will move forward in the funnel. Similarly, if he decides to skip the Upsell Product then he may get redirected to the next product, labeled as Downsell Product.

Here is a list of the seven best strategies that can help you increase your sales this festive season:

Dedicated Landing Page

Create Co-Branding Networks

Email Marketing

Social Media Push

Content Marketing

Re-target Customers

Surprise gifts with purchases


As the Diwali festive season rolls in, use these strategies, and you will be pleasantly surprised to find the sales for your online business booming!.


Free shipping is always the best discount.

Free shipping with no minimum purchase

Free Shipping on Orders of X Over Y Dollars

Happy Fmcg customers Happy-Aajja-Ajji

Free Shipping, No Minimums required for free shipping.

Free Shipping – Spend X and Receive Free Shipping

FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS (no min spend) for a limited time only!


Buy this product and get free shipping!

How Can An Offline Marketing Campaign Help You?


In the era of online shopping, what products do you want to touch and experience before buying?

Clothes, furniture,bedding and anything scented. and stuff thats quite color-oriented like makeup or nail polish.Exactly. You need to be able to feel it, the thickness, stitching, the finish. You can’t gauge the quality from a small picture accompanied by a brief description.


Treasure customer reviews online, gives many a rough idea of whether an item might be worth a risk, but it has to be something  really like the look of, else no chance.

I know what you mean by it being more satisfying! But there are a couple of main reasons…


Browsing! -Getting a feel for something before i buy it! -Those cute independent shops! -Enjoying being out and about! -If i change my mind about something i can just put it back before i buy it! (Happens all the time!) -Fresh food shopping!



Many may be lying if they didn’t enjoy showing off the outfits they put together…

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